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Meet Emily

Life has a way of throwing curve balls that can either knock you off course or knock you out of complacency and straight into the path God intended. I suppose, if I’m honest with myself, my curve balls have done both.


Back in college, my relationship with my now husband crumbled, and I was left wondering what in the world God intended when He created man and woman and our desire for intimacy. I never imagined I would end up publicly sharing my hard-learned lessons with others. When I started to seek out His teachings around romantic relationships, and tuning out the worlds’ version of them, I never in a million years expected I would stand on a stage or write on a page those very ah-hah moments He shared with me in the silence of my heart.


When the doctor said my unborn daughter had many malformations and may not survive after birth, I never dreamed God would ask me to share our journey of hurt and healing with the world. When I studied communications in college, I had no idea He would challenge me to apply those skills to ministry.


But, He did, and He does. And, I am so grateful! Through all of these ‘curve balls,’ He leads me into a deeper, more dependent, and much more fulfilling life in Him. It is my deepest desire to share in that journey with you and hopefully provide support for you in your walk with Him, too. To get to know you for who He created you to be. To encourage you. To be a friend. To be real. To be raw. To relate. To ultimately grow closer to God together.


It is my hope that my words, written and spoken, inspire and equip you to pursue God in the midst of all life brings – the beautiful, the messy, the joyous and the difficult. Or, at the very least, provide a resting place and encouragement for your journey. I’m so glad you stopped by! 

The formal facts:

  • I’m a born and raised Catholic but it wasn’t until college that I grew to know Jesus on a deeply personal level.

  • I have a bachelor of science degree in agriculture communications and minors in animal science and psychology. Though it may not sound like it, this training ultimately prepared me for a marketing and journalism career.

  • Public speaking has long been my passion and training, having spoken on a weekly basis for my career, ranging in audience size from 5 to 500.

  • My husband and I started a young adult bible study, which quickly morphed into what we affectionately call ‘Young at Heart’ because it turned out folks of all ages were interested in participating. We provide each other with lots of support through prayer and reflection, along with an abundance of snacks, wine and socializing.


The real me:

  • Coffee sustains me.

  • Procrastination is my art. It’s how I produce some of my best work.

  • Sweets are a staple in my diet, often before 10 a.m. Because hey, what could go better with coffee than cookies?

  • I married an amazing man who loves me better than I deserve and is an incredible father.

  • I want 20 children. Fine. Maybe not 20 … but a lot. You would think our first child having so many medical challenges would make me shy away from having more, but for some crazy reason it has done the opposite. I want all the more to love!

  • We live in a fixer-upper house. I love the idea of fixing things. Until I actually have to live in the dust and the paint fumes. Thus, we have a partially fixed-up home, with many half-done projects.

  • I’m a farm girl at heart and love everything agriculture (thus the agriculture degree). My husband and I hope to someday have a hobby farm of our own. There’s nothing more satisfying than going out to do chores and listening to the critters happily munch on their hay.

  • I’m a nerd for anything leadership and self-help. I’m usually reading 2-3 books at any given time. Which naturally means it takes me a year to get through one, thin, large-print book.


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