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And So The Journey Begins

For over a year, God has called me to open up and willingly share with the world what I’ve learned the hard way about sex and dating so that maybe, just maybe, one other teen or young adult in the dating scene doesn’t have to learn the hard way.

You see, most people get ‘the talk’ from their parents as young teens, and they get the begeesers (yes I made that word up 😊) scared out of them in health class about STDs and pregnancy. But after that, we are usually left to our own devices and culture’s loud voice to navigate the murky waters of relationships. Judging by most other things in life, culture is not the best teacher (so I’ve learned).

Do you ever wonder what God thinks/teaches about dating, relationships and sex?

I did, but I struggled to find the answer so I set out in a quest to discover it myself (don’t worry, this was all prior to marrying the love of my life). Through lots of missteps, sin and ultimately redemption, God taught me the answer to this question and to many others that I imagine you have wondered too.

Don’t get me wrong. By no means do I know it all. I learn more every day. But I am eager to learn alongside you and provide what I know in a way that is relatable and encouraging.

Follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my blog to begin unpacking this challenging topic. It is my hope that we all find the kind of intimacy we long for – the kind God created us to enjoy, both with Him and with others.

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