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Join me for the God is Mercy Conference!

This weekend, whether you're putting up Christmas decorations, making cookies or shopping online (or for my avid hunters out there, looking for the thirty-point buck!), be sure to tune in to the God is Mercy Conference. There are more than 40 speakers lined up to share a message the world starves for. You'll hear real stories of lives utterly changed by God’s love, to help renew your faith and be witness to God’s faithfulness!

It’s the message of the Gospel itself. That God is mercy. It is His nature. Together, we explore and share stories to help us become more merciful, loving, and fair – to ourselves and the world.

You can tune in to any and all speakers, covering topics related to God's loving mercy. As for my talks, I'll have one prerecorded talk titled "Learning to Let Love In" which you can listen to at any time throughout the weekend. I'll also be live at 10 a.m. EST Saturday, November 28, for a talk titled "Find the Freedom to Love - God's Mercy and Sexual Sin." I'm so excited for both talks, and would love nothing more than to share the conference experience with you (virtually of course :).

You can sign up for free here:

I hope to see you this weekend!


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