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Prayer of Surrender

Look now; I Myself am He (the only God)! There is no other god but Me! I am the One who kills and gives life; I am the One who wounds and heals; no one can be rescued from My powerful hand! (Deuteronomy 32: 39)

Lord, if You are the only God, help me to praise You alone. Teach me to trust and follow You more than I trust and follow the world. Lead me to need only You. To find my security in Your love rather than any worldly comfort.

Lord, if You are the One who kills, kill my selfishness. Kill my fears. Kill my doubt. Kill my complacency. Kill my guilt.

Lord, if You give life, give life to my weary soul. Give life to my faith in You. Give life to my marriage. Give life to my family. Give life to my heart. Give life to my work, that I may pursue You in all that I do.

Lord, if You are the One who wounds, wound my pride. Wound my jealousy. Wound my independence from You. Wound my wandering eyes.

Lord, if you are the One who heals, heal my heart and my mind from my own sinfulness. Heal my union with You.

If no one can be rescued from Your powerful hand, rescue me with your powerful hand, oh Lord. Beckon me to rest in Your powerful hand.

I know You will do these things and more. For you yourself are He. You are the only God. You are the One who kills, the One who gives life, the One who wounds and the One who heals.

Praise Your name!

I will proclaim the name of the Lord; how glorious is our God! He is the Rock; His deeds are perfect. Everything He does is just and fair. He is a faithful God who does no wrong; how just and upright He is! (Deuteronomy 32: 3-4)

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