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The Real Talk Series: An Explanation of God and Sex, Video One

Hello, from our home to yours!

With this current stay-at-home situation we find ourselves, we are all undoubtedly having to reassess how we do things and carry on with day-to-day. Last week I kept waiting and hoping for the perfect time to work - like when both kids would miraculously nap at the same time, or when I would have the energy to form complete sentences after their bedtime, or when perhaps I could get up before them and crank out some well thought-out messages. But ... the stars never did align and by Friday I found myself frustrated, defeated and with no work done to show for my efforts. Can you relate? Ha, I bet you can!

So, we are going to do things differently now. Instead of waiting for the perfect timing to write, edit, or connect with you, we are just going to do it amidst the chaos of kid-care. This is going to be fun! I'm learning to let go of perfection and charge on with the perfectly imperfect.

With that introduction, I hope you enjoy this video, which will be my new format for communication so long as Covid-19 hangs around. Who knows, maybe we will decide it's even better than writing blogs and it may live on beyond our current crisis. Only time will tell. :)

Enjoy the show!

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